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Youth Programs


Ohio Violence Prevention Program

OVPP is designed to reduce youth violence by increasing their awareness to counteract environmental risk factors which contribute to violent behaviors (Bullying, domestic violence, verbal and other forms of violence) and/or substance use. This program works to increase the participant’s ability to resolve interpersonal conflicts without the use of violence or drugs. The goal is to reduce negative (direct/indirect violent) behaviors by heightening awareness of the impact of violence and substance use, foster the development of alliances across gender, culture and other lines as well as increase personal and developmental assets in areas of cultural and interpersonal competence, values clarification and social justice.

Aiming High

Aiming High is a community-based asset developed program that offers positive alternative choices for youth between the ages of 10-15. Aiming High is designed to increase youth decision-making skills to reduce teen pregnancy, dropouts, substance abuse, and mental health problems such as depression and suicide. This program offers mentoring, ATOD education, youth empowerment and cultural enriching activities.

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