About us


Providing Support to Dayton's African-American Community Helping to Heal One Life, One Soul, One Family at a Time.

The mission of the Dayton Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program, Incorporated (UMADAOP) is to ensure that culturally appropriate prevention, treatment and recovery services are available and accessible to all Montgomery County residents, with a focus toward the African-American, Hispanic/Latino and underserved population.



Our Vision is to provide support to Dayton's African-American, Hispanic and underserved communities helping to heal one life, one soul  one family at a time.

We also strive to ensure that these services are rendered in a manner that is reflective and responsive to cultural essence of all we serve. 

UMADAOP was founded in the state of Ohio in response to the epidemic of substance abuse in the African-American community and its systemic devastation. Originally established in 1980, via legislation spearheaded by former State Representative William L Mallory, Dayton's UMADAOP was operated by Combined Health District of Montgomery County. In 1991, Dayton's UMADAOP became in independent agency with it's primary focus on substance abuse prevention and intervention. Although our primary focus is in the African-American community, our services are available to members of all communities.